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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sell Your EBooks Online With These Websites

Best  Online Platforms to Sell Your Ebooks

Now a days ebook selling business is growing rapidly and people are earning a living by selling ebooks in online platforms.selling ebooks has become very publishers required and joining is free.Today i'm going to tell you about different websites or platforms to sell your ebooks or any digital products for free and earn revenue when sale is part is that number of users are growing rapidly day by day on online and book readers are also growing.
So many Bloggers and Entreprenuers are doing this to make money online as much as possible.

Some of the Popular ebook saleing Platforms are
1.Amazon kdp:
The Largest marketplace to sell ebooks online.Joining is free.Millions of readers are ready to buy books in this platform.
Most popular platform.Sell your Digital Downloads and get paid instantly. This site allows to create promotional campaigns along with host your ebooks.
They are nearly perfect platform for Publishing and selling Ebooks online.They have well written guides for publishers to publish their books with very easily.
It gives 100% royalty for every book that made a sale.You only have to pay $149 distribution package at the time of their publishing your Ebook.Everything is there to manage your book saleing starting from creation,marketing,distribution to sales and earnings.
Sell Digital Downloads.No coding needed.Automated payment and file download processing.All in one solution for your selling digital products successfully.
Selz is a complete E commerce Building also provides selling ebooks facilities.You can make use of tools and softwares to distribute your products and ebooks.You can sell through websites and social networking sites.
Fiverr is also very good place for online writers.EBooks with just single subject line can be the best place to sell ebooks.It is very popular for online micro jobs and payment method is also good.
It is a multi Purpose online store.You can sell audio books,ebooks and music in this platform.They pays around 80% of the revenue for your ebook joining fee.
Popular site and you can create,sell and distribute your ebooks in this platform.This site has softwares that can help you to create ebooks and market it.
10.Google Play:
With Google Play you will be able to make your book available to android users.User base is very high.
A simple shopping cart to sell product online.They will cover all the things from start to finish.They do not charge to host your ebook but charge a monthly fee after trail period to host your online products.
12.NOOK Press:
Barnes and Noble offers this platform to write and selling ebooks.It offers all the tools to create and publish ebooks.
Other Popular EBook Selling Sites are
Kobo Writing LifeSmashWordsPaySpree, PayLoadz, Shopify, GumRoad, BookTangoCreateSpace.

If you have anything new and famous you can post as comment.All the above said sites are good and working all over world to take care of your ebook business.Digital Marketers and Entreprenuars are earning money from this approach from ebook selling business.

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