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Thursday, January 11, 2018

How to Use Facebook to Earn Online As an Affiliate Marketer

Increase your Sales,Lead Generation By using Facebook

Now a days Facebook is used by many,from young to old all over the world.Facebook allows different features such as do comments,likes,share and join groups and pages to connect one another very easily and share information.
By making effective use of the service of Facebook one can exposure oneself to different widely and targeted people in this popular social media platform.
When it comes to affiliate marketing with facebook,it will help to provide great exposure of your product to targeted people.One can do this by using Facebook for free by creating Pages,Groups related to their Niche topic and build fans and start saleing in appropriate manner with facebook policies.On paid facebook provides facility of Facebook Ads and Post Promtion to Boost Exposure and sales by spending some amount.

Different Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing With Facebook

  • Post affiliate Link on your Personal Facebook Account feed,Pages you have created,Groups you made,by using suitable Images,Videos for your related niche for product promotion.
  • Use custom audience Feature in the Facebook ads to target ads to your current customer base and mailing list to increase your product page visibility.
  • Add a custom tab on your Facebook page to sell your product on Facebook page directly or link your page to your product site and guide your traffic to your product website from Facebook page.
  • Comment on related popular niche websites and Blogs with your Facebook account login to get effective Backlinks to your site.
  • Use Woobox HTML tab app build an iframe on your Facebook page to add content,videos,images from other popular social media sites to your Facebook fan page.
  • Announce new product on your page and provides details of the product including price,promotion strategy and offers.
  • Make your page standout from your competitors and build huge fan base to drive more traffic and altimately leads to more sales.
  • Include product store links in your facebook cover photo to drive traffic from your cover photo.
  • Make use of facebook fan page description box and include shorten link of your online product store site in short description box.
  • Builsd your Email list with facebook contests,fan page,timelime and related Groups.
  • Use Facebook commerce for Ecommerce business to sell your product.It allows you to market and sell your products using facebook applications.
  • Find Facebook's potential as a social commerce platform to drive sells with these 6 tips for selling directly on Facebook.
  • Make use of Facebook Ads effectively to drive sales for your product.from your page.all details you will find on Facebook Blueprint knowledge base.

Facebook offers a lot of opportunity for there people to do online business and drive traffic to your page,group or website and best part is it is updated regularly and new concepts and methods are added on the go.people still and in future also follow Facebook for greater business opportunity and to  drive traffic.Facebook is a great place to keep customers informed,develop brand identity,and broaden your reach.

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