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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Boost Your Instagram Marketing

Tips On How to Gain Followers and Monetize Your Content on Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social media account and Facebook owns it.It is basically a photo/image sharing platform.People share images of their related niche for general and business purpose.Instagram offers both types of accounts.If you love to share images or your organization or brand is interested in this platform then instagram is best way to do that.People are leveraging most benefit from instagram because large number of people are in instagram of related will find your potential customer and can be a effective way to spread and market your business.
People also use this platform to monetize and earn money from instagram.To do so  you have to make your profile with large followers and post engagement.I will tell you details about it in below sections.also i will give you Tools that are recommended to automate all the process and effective marketing.
Different ways on how to market your Business or Brand on Instagram
  • Before that i would like to join Instagram as Business Profile as it lets more Tools and Feature to your personal account to track,view insight,automate your business.
  • After joining as Business profile build your profile by increasing your followers,likes and post engagement by posting in one or two niche specific materials as it will attract same quality people and increase your business output.
  • Make use of Specific Haghtag as it works best in Instagram and improve your SEO.
  • Use geo tagging feature and make use of Bio link to drive more traffic of related niche.Connect with related popular brands and people  of same niche for great engagement.Tag your images with people and use call to action button to tell people what you want to do with your your post.
  • More points are......
  • Run contest,create a style for your photos.Post interesting images that are related to people's interest.Make use of collaboration of posts with people to gain maximum exposure.Like and comment others photo and people will do the same with your post.
  • Create most engaging Photos with Photoshop and Dipticapp.Make use of Short video feature for instagram marketing.Explore new features with Instagram Live features.

Improve Your Instagram Engagement:
Post Consistently in proper time when people are most engaged.
Monitor your Instagram Marketing for better results.
Engage an Meetup with real Instagram People with your Business.
Run Contest,reward your followers and make lasting relationship.
Connect your instagram account with your website and all other social media accounts for better performance.
Scheduled your post ahead to not miss anything from your plan schedule.
Tools For Instagram Marketing:
There are so many Instagram Tools available out there for effective Instagram Marketing.Some of Popular Tools are
For Photo editing use Unsplash.Schedule your instagram posts with Schedugram.Find Best Hashtags for your instagram post with Webstagram.
After Doing all this and making your Instagram profile best to stand out from the rest in your niche,its time to monetize your profile with different ways.
As it is an best image sharing social media platform one can do affiliate marketing with product linking images to showcase to customers.Sponsored /Shout outs Posts are also works with high follower and engaged profile to make money online.
People also making money by selling their most followed and updated profile to people with similar interested.
By doing E-Commerce business and posting product images to profiles and making sales from the traffic looking for products.
In my Next post i will show you places and give you more details about how to make money online with Instagram.

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