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Friday, January 5, 2018

10 Tips to Increase Affiliate Sales From Your Website or Blog

Top 10 Ways on How to Increase Sales in Your Website or Blog

First of all I would like to tell you all that before starting sales from your website or blog it is essential to increase traffic to your website or blog.
As Traffic grows your content will exposure to more people and chances of sales will also increase.
So if you have a website or Blog,first give emphasis to increase your website traffic.if you have traffic then there are different ways to convert them in to sales.
Traffic is a most essential part for any website or blog in online from traffic everything starts.I will tell different ways on how to increase traffic to your blog or website and subsiquiently sales to your website.

Things to consider to Increase Your Product Sales in Your Website:

  • Create Good Quality Content for your related Webpage
  • Offer only few quality product related to your niche.
  • Ad image and videos to your key conversing pages.
  • Do Email Marketing with Landing pages and post regular follow up for better results.
  • Must to do A/B Testing:It will help you to know what is working for your website and what is not.This report will help you to make better decision for an effective campaign for your website.
  • Have a professional conversion audit for your website.
  • Refer your website or blog to related top and popular websites as Guest posting,Bank links as commenting on them.

Things to consider to Increase Traffic to your website or blog:

  • Write effective and grammatically correct content for your website and blog along with good keyword for great traffic.Use grammarly to check grammar of your content and try google keyword,keyword tools to get an idea of the keyword to use in your website for better result.
  • Guest Blogging.
  • Make your website load fast.
  • Start a forum on your website.
  • Submit your Blog post to most popular social media networks such as Facebook,Youtube,Instagram and also to social bookmarking sites such ad Digg,Redditand StumbleUpon.
  • While making posts ask them for social sharing and like,comment to get more traffic.
  • Make your site more mobile friendly.
  • Join any popular Blogging Community like ProBlogger,CopyBlogger.
  • Post content more frequently to increase SEO.
  • Get on YouTube,Join popular groups on Facebook,Google+,LinkedIN etc
  • Answe a HARO Query
  • Build connections with others in your industry.
  • Add your Blog to Alltop
  • Make Ebooks about your niche topic and embed link to your site and promote your ebook to different free and paid ebook promotion sites  like in amazon kindle and social media sites to drive crazy traffic.
  • Vist Yahoo Answers and Quora and answer to relevant questions related to your blog.
  • Share your Blog on Triberr,Where one will meet other Bloggers and share each others content.
  • Respond to Blog comments

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