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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Top 20 Legit Websites that pay you to Write Articles

Earn Money Online By writing Blog post,Articles to Websites

If you are looking to earn money as a freelance write this is the best place to find all the resources for your online writing job. 
Before applying to these websites i would like to give you some advice on how to prepare yourself in order to apply,make posting and get money for your work.
First you need to have a blog and its optional not compulsory for every websites.
Have a Paypal account ready as most of the websites pay via paypal to there people.
Also along with paypal some websites pay as check to there freelance writers.

Generally websites are pay from$10-$500 per post depending on the popularity and quality of the blog post or article you are posting.
Here are the list of 20 most popular article writjin websites that pay you good amount of money per article writing


  • One of the best website for article submission and earn money online
  • along with article writing this website provides website building and increases website visit traffic.
  • Find free resources for website promotion and traffic increasing formula.
  • For more information and joining Click here to visit Website.


  • Get started,get hired,get work and make money online
  • You will find very useful materials for promoting your website and good article marketing and posting sites for free.
  • For more details and joining Click Here


  • One of the great blog post or article posting site for online money making.
  • Find good tools and resources to promote your blog
  • Pay on time .the more you write the more you paid
  • Also get tips for internet marketing,wordpress blogging setup etc.
  • For more details Click here 

4)The Progressive

  • A voice for social justice,Peace and common good
  • Get paid for writing articles for this website and also for magazines
  • Good for kids education niche.
  • for more details join here


  • Along with blogging one can also learn web design ,website building,internet marketing here
  • Above said topic courses and materials available i this website with 50% off.
  • Get paid to write articles in the web design field such as HTML,CSS etc
  • For more detals and joining Click here


  • This website basically deals with internet marketing,SEO,social media marketing etc.
  • All the latest tips and tricks are available for one looking materials and knowledge in this field.
  • People looking article submission in this subject can apply and earn good amount of money as a freelance writer.
  • For more information and joining Click here


  • This website invites people to write Articles or blog posts in the field of Politics.
  • They provide around $50-$1000 per single post
  • Along with politics,they provide subject to write articles such as Arts and Culture
  • For more information and joining as a freelance writer Click here


  • People looking to write articles and earn good sum of money in the field of health and fitness,kitchen,home and garden,computer and electronics etc can join this website
  • Pay $50-$200 per post even higher if post is so popular and gains more views.
  • For more information and joining Visit Website

9)Write Naked

  • Write as a Guest post and earn
  • They provide all the necessary tools and resources to write.after qualifying for the post you can write as much as you can and earn  as well
  • Go to the website for more details and joining


  • Get paid to write articles in any topic about your interest topic
  • Write original content
  • This website is not interested in SEO driven content
  • Write descriptive articles not less than 1200 words
  • Include relevant images with your articles
  • For more information and joining Visit here


  • Treehouse is a great platform learning web design,tools,CSS,HTML etc.
  • If you have this field knowledge you can write articles and get paid
  • For tech people this is a good platform
  • For joining and for more information click here


  • This is a parenting website.
  • Get paid to write articles in parenting
  • Earn much more compare to other websites
  • If you have knowledge about parenting and love to write articles to earn money online then this is the platform for you.
  • For more information and joining visit website


  • It is the place to meet new clients,convert leads to customers and receive payments for your services and products.
  • Generally topic for the writing articles are web design,internet marketing,make money online ways etc
  • For more information and joining click here


  • It is a great platform to publish content online
  • Payout always good around $55+ an on time For feature articles
  • go to website,apply for the job and get paid after approval
  • Payout in paypal or check after 30 days of tour payment receive
  • for more information and joining click here


  • It is a travel guide platform are looking for people to write articles for travel related information
  • Currently they required as working abroad,living abroad,culture travel,study and volunterr abroad related people and write article in those topics.
  • Pay out on time and earn more here than other platforms
  • For more information on how to join and earn money Click here


  • All kind of travel related information one can get here
  • Generally  one have to write great posts to get approval and earning potential is very high in this platform.
  • If you are a expert in travel content writing and also want to make good money this is the great platform.
  • For more information and how to join click here


  • One of the best site for eCommerce writers
  • Only apply if you have specific ecommerce experience
  • Without links to writing articles will not be considered
  • You have include at least one pitch for the article you want to write to this site
  • Payout is on time and good amount
  • 400-600 words for article is $75
  • 600+ words per article is $125
  • 600 or more words per articles is $150
  • For more information and joining click here


  • Invite to write articles in the field of science,life style,Entertainment,general knowledge and society etc
  • If you have knowledge in above said fields then this is the platform for you to writ articles about and earn money online
  • Good amount of money one can generate in this website
  • For more details and joining Click here


  • Showcase your expertise and get paid for it
  • Write or edit instructional articles you are assigned as a subject matter expert when it fits in to your schedule
  • Some of the topics offered to write articles in this website is HR admin,staffing,social media,labour media,legal,safety,change management,compensation,employee relation etc
  • For more details and how to join this website click here

  • Your stories,your door,make it happen
  • Good opportunity to earn money by writing articles in the field of  life style,travel,food,culture,family etc
  • Very easy to join and work here
  • earn good amount of money by working less and as much as you want.
  • For More information and how to join follow the website here

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