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Friday, December 22, 2017

Top 20 Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers in 2018

Best Google Adsense AD Network Alternatives in 2018

Google adsense is a Most popular AD Network site from Google.Most website owner and Blogger use this network to earn from their website or blog via ad displaying to their blogs.

But it is not the only way to earn online from an AD Network site like Google Adsense.
There are so many AD Networks are there like Google Adsense.Some of best 20 AD Networks are explained below one can use as a alternative of google adsense.


  • I will give this Ad network one of the beat google adsense alternative because of its service,support and performance.
  • You can automatically optimize each impression with a single ad tag on your website.
  • The Ads it serve is perfect quality and provide more value to your click through rate.
  • Go to the Sign up page


  • Expert in managing and monetizing high volume of traffic from around the world.
  • Second best Google adsense alternative one can sign up here.
  • It is a great network in pop up and pop under advertising
  • For more details and joining process click here


  • Innovative ads powered by intent
  • On stop shop,unique ad units,triggered by intent
  • It is famous for in line text advertising.
  • Best suited for high traffic websites
  • Infolinks ads are are tightly integrated with your content with no additional space required
  • For more details and sign up click here


  • BuySellAds giving away 75% of earning to its publishers
  • Paid to its publishers twice a month in paypal or wire transfer
  • They pay to publishers 75% of earning and keep 25% of earning.
  • Advertising channels consisting of podcast,sponsor content ,banner ads etc
  • For more information and sign up click here


  • Best ad network for small or new blogs with low traffic
  • Easily get approved
  • It supports international traffics with great fill rates
  • Support system is very good
  • For more information and joining click here


  • It is very similar to google adsense and get paid on the basis of CPC.
  • One can safely run chitika ads along with adsense ads on a website
  • They pay money via Paypal and check
  • Chitika gives you ability when you show ads to your customers
  • For Sign up click here

7)Revenue Hits

  • Let your site generate maximum profit for minimum work
  • One of the best alternate to adsense
  • This ad network is very popular for CPA network that means get paid when someone makes or does some action like sign up you get paid
  • More than 2 billions of ad impressions per day
  • Easy and quick Tags
  • Immediate account activation
  • For more information and joining click here


  • Advertise across thousands of websites on a pay per click basis
  • It provides conversion leads if any one from your website generate a lead
  • It also provides good referral program for their publishers for free to earn while referring this service to others
  • For more information and joining Click here


  • It is another in text ad network like Infolinks
  • Clicksor sends money 2 times in each month and minimum payout is $50 via paypal or check
  • Websites with high traffic mostly 50,000 impressions per month is eligible for this ad network approval
  • Publishers can earn upto 85% of their earning from clicksor
  • For more information and Sign up Click here


  • Good For low CPM based ad format
  • Provides many different ad shapes and sizes relevant with your wensite or blog
  • Those websites have high traffic and low adsense earning,this ad network is best for them.
  • Both work for website and mobile apps
  • For more information and Sign up click here

11)Yllix Media

  • It is another yet popular ad network that can suplement google adsense
  • Sites with maximum traffic can opt for yllix media that supports CPC,CPA,CPM etc.
  • It also provides referral program for new bloggers and website owners to earn while referring
  • It is providing adult ads for adult traffic sites.
  • For more information you can join here

12)Beacon Ads

  • Beacon ads always allow you to decide your shape and size of ad
  • It is like BuySellAds where you can sell inventory for ad networks and upload banner ads to get earning.
  • Join Here for more details


  • It also provides affiliate marketing knowledge with the ad program.
  • It helps to earn from each networks  without signing it for affiliate networks
  • It turns all words you mention while writing in to affiliate links
  • Payment comes in one place instead of each network paying separately
  • For more information you can join here


  • GumGum is completely different in terms of ad category.
  • It provides in image ads that means it will provides ads on the images of your post.
  • This site is god for bloggers with large images sites
  • It provides straight forward guide to in image advertising
  • For more information and Sign up join here


  • Taboola is a content recommendation program
  • Content recommendation means it can send traffic from your site to advertise site using persionalised blog posts in your site
  • It provides good platforms for content recommendation for good engineered to drive marketing result in your business
  • This ad platform is good if you have viral content site like news side,gossip site or similar content sie type.
  • For more information and joining visit website here


  • This ad platform can be used along with google adsense
  • Website must generate unique more traffic nearly 2000 traffic per day
  • no adult content
  • not be under construction or incomplete
  • Your site must not contain excess advertising
  • Site must contain original content
  • For more details click here


  • It uses advanced ad serving ad network to provide safe,secure and relevant ads in to your site
  • The next level of ad monetization
  • Provides passback management service to manage fraud things
  • For more details click here 


  • Skimlinks URL shortner allows you to earn money from your product,brand or business contents.
  • In this site you can monetize content and data also
  • Its takes around 2-4 days to approve your site .site must be in good form with original content.
  • It also provides referral programs
  • For more information and joining click here


  • It is the next generation site monetization with effective to google adsense.
  • It is a perfect platform to earn money for sites which uses ad blocks in there browsers
  • This is a great pltform as more people uses ad blocks to get rid of ads
  • It takes 1-7 days to verify your site and after verifying you can start displaying ads in you site and earn money.Join here


  • Adsterra is a premium ad network serving 10 billion geo targeted ad impressions per month
  • It is most unique and high paying ad network and best for google adsense
  • It is free to join and once approved then you can display ads in your website and start making money.
  • For more details and joining click here

Final Words about Google Adsense
Refer all the above adsense alternatives and see what best suits for you.
This is best ad networks and in some point even best than google adsense for its approval,lower traffic sites and allowing all the niches to join.

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