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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Top 10 Free Website and Blog Building Platform

Free Website and Blog Building Platforms


  • Wordpress is a open source software
  • It can be used to create a beautiful website,blog or app
  • Wordpress is free and priceless at the same time
  • 29% of the web users uses wordpress
  • SEO friendly,Easy to use,Responsive and high security website build
  • For website visit Click here


  • One of the best blogging platform from google
  • Easy to use and responsive design.
  • most of the templets are in built
  • If you are new to starting a blog ,this is the best platform
  • High volume of google traffic one can get in this platform
  • For website visit Click here


  • Tumblr is so easy to use
  • provides seven post types to get you started
  • Everything one can put in the blog starting from music,video,link,graphic etc.
  • Tumblr make it easy and create more
  • For website visit Click here


  • It is a professional building platform
  • It is a open source and hackable platform for building a modern publishing platform
  • User friendly and elegant and disruptive design
  • For additional details Click here


  • Weebly provides platform for do what you love
  • Website,ecommerce and marketing in one place here weebly
  • Simple interface,drag and drop feature and no coding needed
  • They want you to be succeed and they want to be your own boss.
  • For more details visit website


  • Interesting ideas that set your mind in motion
  • All kinds of topics can be covered in this platform
  • easy to use with drag and drop features
  • High security and responsive website builder
  • For more information visit website


  • Wix provides platform for freedom of creating anything
  • No code,totally design freedom and creating is unlimited of what you love
  • Manage and grow business online
  • For more details visit website


  • Create like expert right from the start
  • Reach and grow your audience
  • All you need to power your online store
  • Visit website for more information


  • Great platform to have a free journal
  • Best for writers and write from anywhere
  • Penzu provides all the necessary tools and resources for writhing and also gives military level security
  • For more information visit website


  • A blogging platform designed to think
  • An innovative writing experience
  • A blog for forever with best dashboard
  • Best reading experience
  • Visit website for more information

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