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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tips on How to Create Good Videos for Facebook for Creators

Facebook for Creators:How to Create good Video in Facebook

There are almost 2 billion people using Facebook.Facebbok provides innovative creative tools for its Creators to create videos with unlimited possibility.
Join Facebook for Creators here.for latest Tips and Tricks

Profile and Pages

  • In order to Join Facebook for Creators one should have a Profile and with Profile One should create Facebook Page.
  • If you want people all over world to view and share your videos,make it public view.
  • You can built your public presence on a page and make your content discoverable.
  • You will find all the tools to view and make use of it for your help.

Create Your Page
One need a Facebook profile to create a Facebook page.To Set up your page in profile just go to Create pages>artist,band or public figure>Video creator
Some Tips to Create Page

  • Keep your page name and URL consistent for people to find you
  • Write a short bio to introduce yourself to your community
  • create a cover photo or video
  • choose a sutable profile pic or video

If you already have a page you can switch into video creator page by going page settings>edit page>video creator

Download the Creator APP
The new facebook creator app is a great tool for ceating videos
The app is for video creators with profile and page and includes following features

  • Live creative kit
  • community tab
  • insights

Download App Here

Make a Plan

Create a Concept
Its time to think about what you are going to put on it
Having a overall idea and putting consistent videos help people to find and know about you.Both short and longer videos work if content of video is good to watch till the end.
Some of the topics one can take to boost videos views that works

  • How to Videos
  • comedy
  • Vlogs
  • animated video
  • Live game playing
  • Live Video etc

Established your Band
Its all about you,your video choice and hobby for type of video you post.Some simple ways to make your Band stand out:

  • Describe who you are
  • True to your voice
  • develop a look

Plan How and when you post
Its better to post videos consistently and content should be quality full.
Make a schedule to post your videos.also facebook shares different contents,tools that can help to achieve what you looking for.

Trust your Team

  • As you grow on more people will follow you and its better to have a good team to work on both benefits.explore different ways that people can help you to manage your page.
  • Make sure you own the ligal rights you post.remember you page is your intellectual property.

Create and Share

When you are creating an video make sure these things are taken into account while creating videos.

  • Turnup lights
  • check your audio
  • keep things moving
  • editing should be good
  • make it best of you
  • add every bit of thing you want to 

Equipment to Try
When you are capturing your video with your phone or camera some of the equipments are required to enhance and provide more credibility to your videos

  • Steady shots
  • Light
  • Sound check
  • Set stage
  • Try different angle

Publish like a Pro
When you are at finishing end of your video here are some tips that can help you to find your video in news feed and search results

  • Include your video title
  • Use sound and music from Facebook Sound collection
  • Write short and accurate description
  • Build a broader audience by adding short captions.
  • Create eyecatching Thumsnail
  • Add suitable Tags
  • Ask people to like,share,tag with other people
  • Make use of Hashtag and other tags

Keep content Fresh
Make videos new topics that will help people to follow and comming back again and again.some best concepts to keep in mind while creating contents
Consistent,Be noticed,Engaging,Relevant,Sharable.

Organize your videos
Organize your videos with playlists and features when uploadd more and some viddeos.this can help people to find suitable videos for there need.

Page Insights

  • Insight is a great tool for the audiences and for you to know your video or page performance such as page view,comment,watch time,so many graphs in different topics etc.
  • You can check page insights for mare options you can find there.

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