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Monday, December 25, 2017

Make money messing arround on Facebook As a Social Media Manager

Work with Facebook,YouTube for Clients and Earn Money Online

How great it would be if you get paid every time you liked a page,shared an article or comment on groups.

Instead of wasting all those times you spend on facebook,you could turn them into a way of making some extra cash.
All this can be done by mostly two is affiliate marketing and other is working as a social media manager jobs in different freelancer job sites.

First comes to affiliate marketing.It is nothing but a way of making money very fast and much more.
You did not worry about your own product if you do not have.
On internet there are so many places one can find others product to promote and when a sale is made you get a commission of 50% to 75% from the price of product.

Generally Amazon associate and Clickbank are the two most popular affiliate program sites to work as affiliates.For other popular sites you can follow this website in affiliate marketing section.

Payout is in time But first of all you have to join and get approved first.once approved then Go to the sites marketplace and choose the product you like to promote and get your affiliate link and start promoting in Facebook and other social media platforms.
When a sale is made through your link then you get a commission of 50% to 75%.that means is the product purchase amount is $20,you will get as affiliate of 75% commission of $15 so on...

For more details and how to start joining as affiliate follow this site.

Facebook is the preferred place to make money as affiliate as it is the most followed people all over the world.2 billion people are in facebook and millions of people uses facebook finding and promoting a product to people who are interested is always easy here.

You could join related Facebook Groups,pages or even create your own group and pages and start promoting.

One more thing do not just post your affiliate link in the comment box.find the suitable post and comment to them and provide a solution to there problem and in the end give them the this way you will find yourself a suitable problem solver and more legitimate way to make a good relation along with do your business by helping them.

Another way is by working as social media manager in different freelancing sites like Freelancer,Upwork etc.
Clients are looking to create and maintain there business pages,groups,profiles in different social media platform in order to come online and increase there public awareness,as social media is the best way to do that.

Jobs like likes,managing thee pages comments,creating groups making accounts and maintaining them.
The more you apply the more jobs you will get and similarly earn more.

Just join the above sites and start bidding by selecting suitable jobs and start making money from doing easy task in Facebook.

For more related information and advanced content also training,materials for job applications in freelancer sites and total video training starting from basic to earning money including joining,selecting suitable product links,all thing included also case study of some people already earning in this method Follow the below mentioned pdf and go through the advanced content which is on buttom of every page.

Just download the below pdf which is free of cost and follow advanced content in the pdf. and maximize your earning.

Make money messing arround on Facebook:

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