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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Make Money Messing around Facebook,YouTube etc

How to make money messing around Facebook and YouTube

In this post i will tell you how you will start making money in just 24 hrs by doing things in facebook that you already doing.

Social media is the biggest driver of the sales and new customers for businesses.companies that are used to spend millions on advertising are now chunk on spend a little on social media with low cost and more productivity.

  • You will get paid for likes,shares and commenting on facebook,twitter pages. and other social media platforms.
  • instead of wasting the time in  facebook and other social media platforms,you can utilise these time to make some extra cash.

I will show you different places where you can find,apply for the social media like facebook,twitter,YouTube jobs.


  • It is the no 1 freelancing place to find work as a social media manager.daily different kind of and much more jobs are posted in this site and joining is free.
  • you can apply for the jobs you are interested and work for the client remotely.
  • payout weekly,monthly as you wish
  • both work as a freelancer or else you can look for any freelancer to help you in any job you are looking to get.
  • Payout is in time.Top quality freelancer one can get and work here with related field such as web design,social media manager,writer,customer service,sales and marketing,accountant,mobile developer,virtuaal assistant etc.
  • Chek out website for more details and joining.


  • I will rate this website second rank because of its popularity and job posting and hiring rate.
  • This is another place one can look for jobs related to their skills such as social media manager,web design,mobile app design,sales and marketing,virtual marketing etc.
  • Payout in time weekly,monthly.
  • Number of jobs posted daily is very large.
  • Most trusted site
  • Millions of small businesses use freelancers to turn their ideas into reality
  • 24/7 support,chart free,browse previous works for select for work
  • For more details goto website and join.


  • I will rank this site number 3 as per its quality freelancers,pay out,support system
  • Find and hire talented freelancers
  • Posting and joining for job is free in this site.
  • Provides jobs related to sales and marketing,web and IT,engineering,management and finance,writing,admin support etc
  • Support system is good
  • Go to Website for more details and joining.


  • Airtasker is a Sydney-based Australian company which provides an online and mobile marketplace enabling users to outsource everyday tasks and find local services.
  • people who are looking to earn money, ready to work and can also help you complete your 
  • home cleaning, 
  • handyman jobs, 
  • admin work, 
  • photography, 
  • graphic design or 
  • even build a website.

  • Along with this freelancing site you can apply other places such as related facebook groups,linkedIn, and other popular classified sites.
  • Also personally apply companies of small and midium size looking for social media services.

Now you know where to find work.finding work is one part and major part is for one job so many people will apply and you have to write cover letter,description titie and attach previous work and experience for getting selected for the job.

  • Best way to do that just search all the above sites join there and start from zero level with small jobs.
  • if you want to Increase your Level ,i can help you in that .just goto the link here you will find all the materials,tools,and everything you needed to apply for the job and got high level jobs by inspiring your boss with given tools and materials.Click Here.

In the above website also learn how to make money by Affiliate Marketing working as a social media manager with Amazon Affiliate Program and Clickbank.

If you want more information just go to the websites above i mention and you will find what you need.Happy Earning!

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