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Sunday, December 17, 2017

How to earn 75$ per hour from google user experience research

Earn $75 per Hour from Google user experience research Surveys

Google User Experience Research

Google user experience research program is like taking surveys about google products and features by participating in google user research studies.
You will be rewarded with token of their appreciation plus the chance to help built something you will love.

Here is how to get started:
Click on the link below to Sign up.After Sign up google will send you a questionnaire that will help their research team match you to particular studies.Its better to submit your online form with more information so that you will get a maximum chance being contacted by them.

Sign Up here

After you sign up you will get invited via Email.They will inform about time,location and method.Studies can take place in a google office,google research van or your your home or business or online via your computer,smartphone or tablet.

Once you complete your participation,you will get a thank you gift or a donation to your favorite charity.Reward will be known in advance before you participate in the survey.
Also one can use google research van to use their products and get their honest feedback.

According to online form you submitted to google you will get invitation based on the information you provided in the submitting form.Then you get a chance to take survey either ina nearby google office or in your computer or smartphone depending upon which is suitable for you.

The person should attain 18 years and  have a sound knowledge of internet to participate in the Google user experience research.

By applying google user experience research you will be able to study different kind of tasks including Surveys, Usability study at a google office,remote usability study,experiential sampling study,field study etc.

After applying in google user experience research program you can not expect immidiate invitation of participation of surveys.Google will send survey or related product research tasks when it is available for you according to the information you submit while applying for it.

All the personal and extra information you provided to google while participating in the google user experience research program  will kept confidential with google's privacy policy.
No third party sharing of information will take place in any circumstances.

You can change your contact information and also want to opt out of the service,then its very easy in your google user experience research Sign up form.

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