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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Facebook for Creators:How to Grow on Facebook

Tips on how to grow on Facebook for creators

In this post i will tell you how to grow on facebook as a creator.also learn to optimize and monetize your videos.

Drive Discovery

News Feed Basics

  • News feed is a great way to find content in facebook like google search.facebook uses people's connection and activities to show content on news feed and from the pages and posts they most likely interest them.
  • The more popular a post or news is more likely it will appear in news feed.

Discovery in News feed

  • Creators can succeed in many different types of is few tips to consider while creating videos
  • Content should be meaningful
  • Post regular basis
  • Use video page and insights
  • Build your credibility over time

Discovery  in Search

  • Make sure your fans are able to find out on facebook while searching for you ar your videos.
  • Add description
  • create eye catching thumbnail
  • add tags

Drive social Discovery
Ask your fans to like and share your videos
Cross promote your videos

Leverages Groups
Make use of related facebook groups and join them.start conversation with group people with your content.make maximum benefit from here.add value to your conversation while keep norms and rules of the group in mind.

Boost your Posts

  • If you want to invest in reaching more people then there are two mainly option
  • BOOST post on the post and follow the instruction
  • Facebook ads one can create verity of ads like,photos,videos,texts etc
  • Click  the links to find more about boosting post and ads.


How to Earn

  • When its time to turn you facebook videos into a revenue stream,there are few ways to Monetize it.
  • Branded Content
  • Merchandise
  • Tours:great way to visit fans and sell tickets for goods and servises.
  • Ad Breaks:to earn money from ads that will come in your videos.
  • Checkout the eligibility criteria for monetization of your branded content and ad breaks.

Branded Content

  • As you grow with popularity with brands,sponsors,advertisers or marketers to develop branded content according to facebook policies.
  • Branded content is a great way to make money by showing your skills.
  • Make use of collaborating with videos or other content that highlights the business partner's products and services.
  • Always be authentic and very true to your audiences,fans viewers.

Tag your Partner

  • If your content is sponsored,simply use the branded content tool to tag your business partner in a post.Few thing keep in mind while working with business partner
  • Business partner you tag make use of the page insights.
  • Do not need to ad the partner as admin
  • Make it a option to permit your partner to distribute your post.
  • Deals will be decided between both of you.Facebook will not involve.
  • Obey local laws and regulations.

Sell your Merch
If you have ever designed and produced logos,catchphrases and other brand related stuff that you legally own,consider promoting in your videos and tell fans,viewers where to purchase.
For Demo you can click here.

Go On Tour

  • For music,comedy etc facebook make it easy to create a tour and invite friends.such as
  • Create separate Facebook event for each stop of tour.
  • Create a tour:Click create tour on event tab,Fill the basic form or you can add existing events to the tour.
  • Save and publish,you followers will be notified about the tour along with anyone who visits your page.

Ad Breaks Beta
As ad breaks open up to more creators in the future,facebook will update with eligibility criteria and other details.

Show Time

Ready,Set and Watch

  • Facebook introduced Watch,a dedicated platform to watch shows.series,episodes
  • Viewers can easily find shows and episodes in facebook
  • Interested shows you can ad in watchlist,so that you can never miss when new shows are available.

Show Pages Beta

  • Now only few creators and publishers have been granted to show pages.can be able to post episodes of their shows on watch.
  • facebook plans to roll out to more creators soon.make sure you are a member of facebook for creators community to get updates.

Congrats you are done

  • We are excited to see the extraordinary things you create and community you build on  facebook.
  • Check out facebooks Q/A section and Facebook media support portal to get additional help.
  • Happy creating!

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