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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Facebook for Creators:How to engage with Fans and Build Community

How to engage with Fans and Build Community in Facebook for creators

Engage with Fans

Build Community

  • Now its time to focus on growing your fan base.and a great way to do that is to interact with your community such as
  • Getting ideas from your fans to create next video
  • Like and reply to good comments of your fans
  • Use live video option to answer you fans questions
  • Inviting fans to tag their friend and share your videos.

Make use of Groups
Groups in facebook is a great way to build and create a community than help to create your fan ideas,knowledge tips with your fans.sometimes go live to answer your fans quary in a group is effective way.

Collaborate with others

  • Collaboration is a great way to connect with other creators and reach are some tips to keep in mind while collaborating
  • If you like another creators work reach out,share ideas and find ways to work together.
  • collaborate a video with other could do with similar creator or you could team up with someone of different category creator.
  • Appear as a guest too create buzz with your audience.

Broadcast Live

Use Live Broadcast

  • Make use of facebook live to connect with fans,people and audiences in live.Feel free to experiment to what works for are some tips for live broadcast
  • Have a strong internet connection
  • Create an engaging title for you video
  • Engage directly with your fans
  • Schedule a live broadcast vis Live cast

Live creative Kit

  • One can build a custom creative theme with facebook creator app that will make
  • to create live broadcast awesome.
  • Find live creative kit at settings>videos>live creative kit
  • If you are going live from a profile click video settings and click on "create" on the live creative kit section.
  • Your creation will appear when you go live with your camera in facebook creator app.

Spotlight sharing

  • Live with is a feature that help to virtually host guest in your can collaborate,interview even go with fans in this app.
  • Here is how to add someone to your live video
  • Swift left until you see live viewers
  • Select the viewer you want to go live with and tap the icon
  • Tap invite to go live
  • To remove someone tap the guest icon and click on X

More Live Resources

Trust and Safety

Community standards
Helping to keep you safe
Encouraging respectful behavior
Keeping your account secure
Protecting your intellectual property

Be a Light

Be positive,
Do not post content that violates community guidelines
if your content is not facebook friendly it could me removed from facebook

Consider Copyright
It is important to value original content and idea.
If you want to post someone's music,video,image,make sure you have the rights for it.
For more details check Q/A Here

Protect your videos

  • Facebook care about your content and wants to protect your content you create.
  • Rights Manager,is a tool for managing intellectual properties of you own.
  • If you are not in rights manager,someone else is using your video you can report it
  • For applying rights manager click here.

Privacy checkup

Spot Scams

  • It is very important to spot scams and attempt to access your personal info or account.
  • here are few things to consider
  • Do not give money to anyone trying to sell you a verification badge.
  • Never trust anyone who offers payment to be added for your paga as a administraor.
  • Be wary of scams on messenger it may affect your device with malware.
  • Never share your password as facebook never ask for password.

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