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Thursday, December 7, 2017

7 Ways to Make a Blog Post that Counts

Below listed some ways one can use to make a Blog post for their websites

1.Make a lst of you importsnt links

Making a link list will provide you best customers,who are serious in the bussiness than others.
Make the list of all types of link wheather its a paid list,free resourses list ebooks etc.
regularly update with the list members and turn your business to a new height.

2.Recall your best blog post or content

This is a best method to stay on the top of the competition.gather all the top rated posts and add something to make it even better and also learn from it and apply in your posts to get most benefit of it.

3. Do Multimedia Posts most often

In addition to your plane post,do multimedia post in order to increase your content idea,blog post will be very good,attractive and audiences will love it.

4. Interview Someone of good knowledge of the topic

In this form you will get unique content for the blog post,as you interviewed with the person,you will get to know about topic,different content,that can help to built your audience fast,as it will provide latest topic knowledge .

5. Copy And Paste Your  important Emails

  • One very good source for articles and other content are your
  • own emails. Here I’m talking about two things:
  •  If you broadcast an announcement, article or other
  • content to your mailing list, then put this content on
  • your blog as well as websites.

  • If you reply to a question of customer and you realize
  • it would make a good post, then use it. 

6. Ask For Content you are looking for From a Vendor

  • If you are an affiliate and promoting someone else product, Then one great way to quickly get some free content is by
  • asking the product vendor to supply it for you.
  • Your first stop is to check the affiliate center, if one is
  • available to find the content, blog post you are looking for.

  • If you’re not finding what you are looking at affiliate center,
  • then write to the vendor and request an article or blog post. The vendor is more likely to give you content, especially exclusive
  • content.

7. Turn Existing Content Into an Infographic form for better exposure.

  • Another good way to create content is change your existing content into a different format. And
  • one way to do this is by turning an article into an
  • infographic.
  • examples of articles that would make good
  • infographics:
  •  An article discussing multiple ways to boost
  • conversion rates.
  •  An article explaining how metabolism works. 
  •  An article that talks about different garden pests.

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