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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

5 Best way to earn Money Online in 2018

5 Best way how to make money online at home in 2018

1.Mobile APP

  •  Now a days Mobile App building is a great way to earn money online.
  • I'm going to provide you free resources on how to make money from mobile apps with zero              investments.
  • First choose a topic,subject to create a mobile app that works very well in community.
  • then for building an APP make use of APP Annie website to create a Mobile this website you will find details on how to make a mobile app.another website you can use to make APP is udemy.
  • After caeating your APP  with great topic of your interest,then monetize it with Admob from Google to enable ads to your APP.
  • When people use your APP,ads will show and you make money from this ads.
  • Around $50-$100 per day depending upon number of users uses per day basis.

2.Book Publishing

  • People those are doing work online are looking for great ways to make money publishing is another a great way to earn.
  • Build digital products such as Ebooks,softwares etc and promote it in publishing plat forms.if the product or service is of good quality people will buy it and you make money.
  • Generally people earning longterm earning inthis method also earning big 6 figure earnings per year.
  • the links you can follow to do this online business.
  • Free pdf maker Canva .just click on blue letters you will go to desired websites.
  • Place where to publish this Ebook,so that maximum result oriented people will reach and can purchage from here is Amazon publishing site.

3.Affiliate Marketing

  •  Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online.
  • unlimited amount for life time one can earn in this platform.
  • You just need to know the places,how to promote and get result.
  • 2 most popular affiliate marketing sites are Amazon (physical and digital products) and Click bank (only digital products).
  • Promote in different social media,forums,websites to get results.
  • Promote places like Facebook,Youtube,forums etc.

4.Public domain

  • By using public domain feature one can make use of content which is not in any copyright form or copyright of the content is expired.
  • This is not a direct method of earning money online but one can use these materials to another programs to earn money online from home.
  • Beeat site is just search in wikipedia under the name of public domain or visit the website Gutenberg .

5.From Facebook

  • Facebook is a great platform to earn money online.billions of users are using to connect everyday.
  • Also facebook pages,groups,Live video programs are great way to  promote materials and reach so many people easily free of cost.
  • One can learn all the facebook related topic such as how to setup a page,group,design facebook ad etc by clicking here in  Facebook Blueprint . 
  • Facebook is a great tool to promote your affiliate products in fan page,groups,ads etc.

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