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Sunday, February 5, 2017

How to make money online from selling/buying Domain names

How to make money online from selling/buying Domain names:

Like property selling or buying and shares buying or selling, where buyer buy property or share with a small amount and wait for some time for price rise of the asset(Domain names).when price rises of their assets(Domain names),then they sells their assets to buyers with a higher price than they buy in this way they earns some money.similarly this funda applies to Domain name selling also to make money online.Here people buys domain names in low price and kept it for some time.when price for the domain names rises in the market they sells them with a higher price and make a profit.
sometimes prices are a bit high and sometimes  very high depends who the buyer is.There are places in the internet,where selling of the domain names in term of bid take place.
Also i will tell you the  name of the most popular sites where people will purchase domain names in a very low price below $2 or 100 rupees and sells them in $20,000 (Lakhs of rupees) or above.

The sites for domain name buying are:

Domain name buying/selling (Auction) sites are:

Flippa home page image
Sedo home page image

The above two sites are very popular domain auction sites where people buy and sell domain names.These sites provides very easy and user friendly platform to buy or sell domain names  to make money online very simple. Lakhs of people visiting these sites daily to make money online with domain name  buying and selling.This is the latest trend now a days.

Some of the previous year reports  of domain name buying and selling shows below

List of most expensive domain names that were purchased earlier

List of most expensive domain names that were purchased earlier

Key points to remember while purchasing domain names:

  • .com domain name extension as it has high value and high demand than other extensions
  • Easy to remember
  • Short
  • Purchase with a guess that it may have high value in future
  • buy low price and sell high price

Also people can repurchase expire or deleted domain names and resale them.These domain names will be high value in future because it were used by individuals or companies sometime ago.due to some circumstance they sale these domain names.

Sites you can visit to repurchase deleted or expire domain names are

Sometime it took very less time to sell domain names with a high prices and some time it took little bit longer,but you have to keep patience for at least 3-4 months and make use of above sites i have mentioned here for a good advantage to make money online in terms of time and money.

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