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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Earn $40 in a day while viewing images online

Earn money online viewing images as a content moderator

Go to the website

How you will start:

Signup there for free.fill your details in the box provided in the signup page and be a content moderator.your job will be to view images or any contents and check which category does that belong by clicking on suitable box provided in the website.

hivemicro home page 

How you will do this job:

After signup with the above website,you will become a member of the site as a content through the basic training in the site and learn how to do your job.its quite easy and simple.
then start doing you work.the more you do the more you will make money online.

You can choose you own time and how long you need to work on this website,totally depends on you.

How you will get paid:

After completing every job amount get credited to your account.when it reaches $20 ,you will be able to withdraw money in to our paypal account.
For paypal account click here its free.

For more details and guidelines visit the above website.

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